Mirco Villa is a photographer and journalist specialized in nature photography and food, from landscape to reportage to research photography. Lately he has been making photographic reports all over the world. His images are mostly extemporaneous, the style is based on naturalness and on the search for emotion linked to the place and the moment.

With his son Alessio, a few years ago he conceived the Voltana Photo Event, with seminars, exhibitions and photo sessions attended by many people, adults and children, a moment of technical and cultural study much appreciated by amateurs and professionals.

Among the first Italian photographers to be accredited Artist Digigraphie Epson, a brand that certifies artistic and photographic prints produced in limited series, and guarantees the quality, the maximum fidelity compared to the original and the long duration of the prints produced. It is a badge of excellence for which the observance of well-defined rules and criteria is required. Each reproduction, performed exclusively on certified quality paper, is numbered, referenced and signed by the photographer.

First Italian photographer to obtain the IPP Certification - Italian Professional Photographer, he is also QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer). Last, but only in order of time, the prestigious qualification QEP (Qualified European Photographer) obtained in Brussels, which counts him among the few photographers certified at European level in the Landscape category.

Since 2011 he has been developing applications for smartphones and tablets. It is a new way of sharing information and images through the use of the latest technologies. Currently developing apps for iPad and iPhone, available in the Apple AppStore.
His photo apps are the result of reportages, adventures, explorations, scenic flights through the beauties of nature, lands, cities. They are travel stories whose images are shown in a technologically advanced way with information, animations and interactivity, offering the possibility of living (or reliving) the emotions of places full of charm. Sounds, music, interactive functions make the vision always new and engaging.
In 2012 he published the "Iceland: air, water, earth, fire" app followed by"Aerial Views in Central Italy", "Ireland: landscape", "Flowers in Holland", Malta, Gozo and Comino "," Iceberg: ice mountains "," Northern Lights: colors in the sky "," Po Delta Park: from sunrise sunset "," Lavander, Provence and French Rivera "," Glaciers: Jungfrau, Titlis and Matterhorn "," Fireworks: painting the sky " In 2013 he published the interactive book for iPad "Aurora Polare" (Boreal and Austral: where, as when to see it, how to observe it and photograph it), in 2014 "North of the Arctic Circle" and in 2015 “Vie d’acqua e di sapori".

In 2016 he published the books “Il bello di mettere i piedi sotto la tavola in Romagna" and "Iceland, terra giovane e in continuo mutamento"

In 2017 he was curator of the photographic exhibition on the landscape “Linee e Forme" at Magazzini del Sale in Cervia dedicated to Franco Fontana and four other photographers from Ravenna. In 2018 he was curator of the photographic exhibition "CibARSi" with photographers from all over the world.

In 2017 he was elected national spokesperson for CNA photographers.

In 2018 he published the paper book "A pancia piena si ragiona meglio in Romagna".